Collectively Curated: Bauhaus Buildings Dessau

Dessau has more original Bauhaus Buildings than any other city worldwide. Every building is in itself a prototype. For the very first time, the new curatorial concept will convey a comprehensive picture of the connections between the buildings and the lives and work of their occupants. Here, visitors will be able to discover the Bauhaus’s experimental, radical and utopian approach to architecture as applied design for a new, modern way of living.

In addition to the Bauhaus Building and the Masters’ Houses, these include the Dessau-Törten Housing Estate with the three housing types Sietö I, II and IV (1926–1928), the Steel House (1926/27), the Konsum Building (1928) and Hannes Meyer’s Houses with Balcony Access (1930). Other architectural works of note in Dessau include the historic Employment Office by Walter Gropius (1929) and the Kornhaus restaurant by Carl Fieger (1930), situated by the Elbe river.