Summer workshop 2023:
“Build your own avatar!”

// Bauhaus Holiday Workshop
10 – 14 July 2023
Age: 10 – 16
Bauhaus Building
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Build your own avatar!
… but not online with a few clicks … no, build your own avatar in real life!

The Bauhaus summer workshop is inspired by the Bauhaus artist Kurt Schmidt and his mechanical ballet, which was first performed in 1923. Together with fashion designers from haemd – Modedesign and the artist Jantje Almstedt, the participants will bring their personal avatar to life in three steps over the course of five days.

The first step is to get creative and design a second self. In the second step, you build your personal avatar. In the third and final step, your avatar is filmed so that it also comes to life digitally.

Selected results of the summer workshop Build your own avatar! will be presented and can be experienced at the Bauhaus Festival on 1 September 2023.

Summer workshop at the Bauhaus Dessau
10 – 14 July 2023, 9.30 am – 2.30 pm respectively

until 6 July 2023

Bauhaus Building

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Schedule of the summer workshop 2023

Step 1:
be creative and design your second self

The first day of the summer workshop will focus on the questions: What skills have you always wanted to have? Who is your favourite hero? And what does an avatar have to do with the Bauhaus? Just as avatars preoccupy us today, Kurt Schmidt was preoccupied with a similar question about robots back then as he had people perform on a theatre stage as robots. In the summer workshop, your personal avatar is supposed to come onto the stage. So on the first day, we will design your own avatar together.

Step 2:
we build your avatar

A day of creativity is followed by two days of craft adventures, i.e. we will cut, paint, sew, … in short: everything is possible to invent and build your second self.

Step 3:
your avatar comes to life digitally

On the fourth day you will wear your avatar. Similar to Kurt Schmidt in his “Mechanical Ballet”, there will be a small performance of the different avatars. As a result, small videos and pictures are created.

Registration and Questions:
T +49-340-6508 263 or T +49-340-6508 303