We Present: Books at the Bauhaus!

In this series of events, the library of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation regularly invites you to book presentations. The new publications of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation from the series Edition Bauhaus, Bauhaus Taschenbuch, Bauhaus Kinderbuch and Bauhaus Magazine are presented as well as other particularly interesting and innovative publications related to the Bauhaus Dessau and the current annual themes.

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Our Bauhaus
Memories of Bauhaus People

Reading and book presentation with the editors Magdalena Droste and Boris Friedewald
Wed, 8 April, 6 – 8 pm
Library at the Bauhaus
Free admission

In Our Bauhaus. Memories of Bauhaus People, edited by the two experts Magdalena Droste and Boris Friedewald, teachers and students of the Bauhaus and their friends and family members have their say in original contributions. Numerous photos bring the eventful times of this influential institution to life. The book presentation is supplemented by audio documents from the collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, in which, for example, the Bauhäusler Franz Ehrlich talks about his Bauhaus period.

Moderation: Wolfgang Thöner

Our Bauhaus. Memories of Bauhaus People

Edited by Magdalena Droste and Boris Friedewald
Prestel Verlag, Munich, 2019
336 pages, numerous illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7913-8527-3
24 €

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Bauhaus Dessau.
The Collection

Wed, 26 February, 6 – 8 pm
Library at the Bauhaus
Free admission

The Bauhaus was one of the most important schools for art, design and architecture. Its visionary designs are still considered icons of Modernism today. This volume is the first comprehensive presentation of the second largest Bauhaus collection worldwide. The publication Bauhaus Dessau. The Collection was published in time for the opening of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau in September 2019. On the occasion of the second edition of the German collection catalogue, a book presentation will be held with the editor Wolfgang Thöner, head of the collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the author Monika Markgraf, monument conservator and head of the building research archive of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, and the scientific editor Peter Bernhard, research associate and Bauhaus expert.

Bauhaus Dessau. The Collection

Edited for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation by Lutz Schöbe, Wolfgang Thöner and Claudia Perren

Texts by:
Peter Bernhard, Torsten Blume, Monika Margraf, Claudia Perren, Lutz Schöbe, Josipa Špehar, Wolfgang Thöner, Sylvia Ziegner

Graphic design:
Yvonne Tenschert based on a design by Daniel Ober (Herburg Weiland)

519 pages, numerous b&w and colour illustrations, linenbound hardcover

English and German

Kerber Verlag, Berlin/Bielefeld

ISBN EN 978-3-7356-0559-7
ISBN DE 978-3-7356-0558-0

€ 59 book trade
€ 39 Designshop Bauhaus Dessau