Open Monuments Day 2022

// Day of Action 
Sun, 11 Sep 2022
historical Bauhaus Buildings

On this year’s Open Monuments Day, visitors receive free admission to the historical Bauhaus buildings (Bauhaus Building, Masters’ Houses, Konsum Building).

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In order to preserve this historical Buildings, permanent care is required. The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is taking the Open Monuments Day 2022 as an opportunity to present the status of the restoration and construction measures carried out to date and those planned. Key planners and contractors will provide a detailed insight into their work and methodology for the maintenance and preservation of the World Heritage Site. In addition, there will be lectures (german) on the various construction and restoration measures of the Bau[haus]stelle.


B a u h a u s   B u i l d i n g   ( A u d i t o r i u m )

10.30 am
Filigranarbeit – Sanierung am Welterbe 
(Filigree work – restoration at the World Heritage Site)
// lecture
Frank Assmann, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation 

With the help of photographs and impressions of the restoration work, detailed insights into the craftsmanship processes are given as examples. Although these are hardly perceptible later in the result, they are absolutely necessary for the overall impression and preservation. 

11.00 am
Bauforschung in der Praxis – Grundlage zur Sanierung
(Building Research in practice – basis for restoration)
// lecture
Dorothea Roos, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Practical examples can be better communicated with the appropriate expertise. The lecture will discuss the connections between “applied” building research and monument preservation. The aim is to present the background and discourses on building research, monument preservation and the actual building project.

11.30 am
Die Vorhangfassade am Bauhaus – eine Voruntersuchung
(The Curtain Wall at the Bauhaus – a preliminary examination)
// lecture
Heinfried Stuve, Atelier für Architektur & Denkmalpflege (AADe)

The need for information on the planned facade restoration is still very pronounced. The lecture refers to current activities and includes practical construction and building research content and findings on the status of the preliminary investigations for the restoration.

12.00 am
Restaurierung – vom Molekül zum Bauteil
(Restoration – from molecule to component)
// lecture
Uwe Rähmer, Restaurierung-Denkmalpflege

The focus here is on the field of restoration, which is an important component of building research. Aspects of building history extend to individual “molecules” (particles) that need to be examined, analysed and considered in the invisible realm in order to conclude concrete courses of action for practice.

The Bauhaus Building in Dessau, planned by Walter Gropius in 1925/26, is regarded as a “built manifesto of the Bauhaus ideas”, is one of the most important buildings of modernism and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.