Out of the Display Case: Talks about Objects
Stereotyped furniture – modular furniture – fitted cupboards

Thurs, 21 Nov 2019
6–8 pm
Bauhaus Museum Dessau
Admission free

Marcel Breuer designed the ti 66 glass-fronted cupboard in 1926. It consists of individual parts that can be combined as required and already prefigures the dissolution of big solid cupboard volumes. Later, furniture systems by Franz Ehrlich, Hans Gugelot and Rudolf Horn advanced the idea in favour of variable interiors. So how much Bauhaus is there in fitted cupboards?

The series:
Out of the Display Case: Talks about Objects

Museum exhibits require a certain distance, which is why they are behind glass. Many of the items in the exhibition are now part of everyday life. What makes these objects fit to be museum exhibits? And how do they relate to our lives ­today? The Out of the Display Cases series gets visitors closer up. It fosters talks between ­visitors and objects, with a bearing on everyday ­experiences today.

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Elsa Thiemann

Change of scene
Thurs, 19 Dec 2019, 6–8 pm

Elsa Thiemann came a cropper at a students’ competition in 1930 with her decorative designs for Bauhaus wallpaper, which did not fit the notion of pragmatic Bauhaus design. Yet Thiemann’s abstract photo wallpaper introduced a sense ­of poetry into apartments. Does the wish for paradise within your own four walls now take the shape of large-format sunsets or palm-fringed beaches?

Past events

Coffee from the lab
Thurs, 24 Oct 2019, 6–8 pm
Admission free
Bauhaus Museum Dessau

There’s no denying the similarities between ­Gerhard Marck’s Sintrax coffee machine and chemistry lab apparatus. Taking this as the ­starting point, modern coffee machines are ­examined more closely – and at the same time coffee, a beverage that is produced and consumed with ever greater frequency today, is ­discussed along with the impacts this has.