Engaging with Dirt.
Thinking Design beyond Cleanliness

A hybrid learning event on site
and broadcast from the Bauhaus Dessau
17 June 2022
Bauhaus Dessau

The Bauhaus Study Rooms were conceived in 2020 as an opportunity to intensively engage with the annual theme of the Foundation, and to consider it from the perspective of the three different educational programmes (Coop Design Research MSc programme, Bauhaus Lab, and the Bauhaus Open Studios teaching residency) of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. By inviting alumnx from each programme and international guests, the Foundation aims to create a hybrid temporary learning space, which allows to explore and experience the conditions of collective knowledge production.

In the context of the 2022 annual theme "Hygiene" of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the Bauhaus Study Rooms “Engaging with Dirt“ discuss different positions addressing knowledges of hybridization between “dirt“, “cleanliness“ and „purity" in design research. In doing so, they aim to critically question a unifying idea inherent in modernist design and to give plurality a platform. The participating partners as well as invited moderators, contributors and visitors discuss changing attitudes towards and in design in relation to pluriversal narratives.The materiality of the Bauhaus Building as an embodiment of the modernist design paradigm of purification forms the framework of a critical exploration in roundtable discussions, tours, participatory installations and experimental workshops.

The event will be held on-site at the Bauhaus Dessau Building and as a Zoom webinar. 

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Bauhaus Study Rooms 2022 is a cooperation with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, the Bachelor Design studio platform HTC (History | Theory | Criticism) of the Institute for Art and Architecture of Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Master Open Design, that is jointly organized by the Humboldt University and the Universidad de Buenos Aires, with the cooperation from the Cluster of Excellence Maters of Activity.

With contributions by Mya Berger, Michaela Büsse, Lili Carr, Laya Chirravuru, Charlie-Anne Côté, Adam Drazin, Maya Errázuriz, Anastasiia Fomina, Aída Herrera Peña, Lucia Pietroiusti, Elisabetta Rattalino, Ottonie von Roeder, Nancy Dayanne Valladares, students of the Master Open Design, students of the the MSc. programme COOP Design Research, students of the Bachelor Design studio platform HTC (History | Theory | Criticism) of the Institute for Art and Architecture of Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and many others.

Direction and concept
Regina Bittner, Stephan Pinkau, Wolfgang Schäffner, Rocío Agra, Rodrigo Martin Eglesias

Team Berlin
Coordination, Co-Curation: Christian Stein, Carmen Gloria Cuello Quintana 

Team Dessau
Coordination, Co-Curation: Lilo Viehweg
Assistant Coordination: Thiemo Klein
Coordinating moderation: Philipp Sack, Lilo Viehweg
Documentation: Louise Mazet, Saloni Mhapsekar, Tarjani Mukesh Samani und Martín Volman
Technics: Marcus Wozny
Set building: Holger Ziolkowski, Henning Seilkopf, André Johae
Setting Coop Space: Mert Aytac, Bruna Valadares Chaves
Grafics: Yvonne Tenschert
Communications: Domenik Pasemann, Ute König, Yvonne Tenschert