Bauhaus Dessau receives Jacquard wall hanging designed by Gunta Stölzl

The "Kreis der Freunde des Bauhauses" and the "Stichting Gunta Stölzl" have donated to the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation a reweaving of a Jacquard wall hanging based on a design by Bauhaus artist Gunta Stölzl. The textile is a contemporary interpretation made by textile designer Katharina Jebsen for the Bauhaus Dessau.

The original jacquard tapestry was woven by Gunta Stölzl in 1928/29. It was entitled "5 Chöre" – which refers to the technical device of the Jacquard machine. "Chor" was the term for the drawing mechanism of the loom. The wall hanging was planned in larger editions. However, only one historical wall hanging is known to date – which is in the collection of the Lübeck museums. Gunta Stölzl's daughter, Monika Stadler, initiated a re-weaving of the original. Her interest lay on the one hand in the new weaving technology with which the Bauhaus weavers were experimenting at the time and which can be read in the textile, and on the other hand in examining the relationship between material, design and jacquard technology.

The textile designer Katharina Jebsen had already developed an initial reweaving in 2019 for the exhibition in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, which was primarily oriented towards the original hanging. In a second step, the proportions of the original drawn design were incorporated into the reweaving. This version, generously supported by the Freundeskreis and the Stichting Gunta Stölzl, is now being donated to the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. It is an interesting example of contemporary research-based engagement with the experimental design practice of the Bauhaus weavers.