Pedagogic and Research Programmes on Teaching Models, Global Modernism and Design Research

With its education programmes, the Academy of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation refreshes the programmatic approaches and international updates of the pedagogical legacy of the Bauhaus in diverse learning, research and teaching formats. The programmes Bauhaus Open Studios, Bauhaus Lab and Bauhaus Master invite international art schools and universities, young professionals and students from the fields of architecture, design, curatorial practice and the cultural sciences to the Bauhaus.

Through its work the Academy creates an international platform for the up-to-date dialogue between scientific research and pedagogical experimentation with which the historic relevance of the Bauhaus for present-day design education, curatorial practice and design research is continuously updated.

Sommerschule "Didactic Home", Bauhausgebäude, 2012 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Foto: Edgar Khandzratyan
Bauhaus Lab "Desk in Exile", Aufbau der Präsentationsausstellung, 2016 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Foto: Yvonne Tenschert