Rules for participants and important information concerning the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation's (BDF) Bauhaus Camp 2016

1. Registration

Registration with the appropriate information is submitted online to the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. The Registration is binding, when the participant receives written
confirmation of their registration by email.

2. Course fee

Prices for attending the Bauhaus Camp have been calculated to cover the costs. The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation does not aim to make a profit. The participation fee is 300 € per participant and is taken from the IKEA Foundation.

3. Cancellation

A cancellation is possible at any time, but only written and signed (also as pdf via mail) will be accepted. If you cancel your participation after the confirmation was sent to you later than the June 30th, 2016, you still have to pay 80 % of the fee.
If a registered participant fails to show up for the event the fee cannot be refunded.

4. Boarding and lodging

Boarding and lodging is provided in a youth hostel by IKEA Foundation. Special wishes for accomodation must be arranged and paid by the partici-pant.

5. Liability

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation disclaims all liability for losses of any kind. Participants explicitly acknowledge this on applying via the registration form.

6. Right to make alterations

All documents made available in the context of the Bauhaus Camp are pre-pared by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation or by the relevant experts to the best of our knowledge and in accordance with the state of the art. We give no guarantee and assume no liability for the completeness or the quality of the contents nor for their being up to date or correct.
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation has the right to make alterations in terms of contents, organization or method that may become necessary before or during the Bauhaus Camp, as long as they do not substantially detract from the benefit that the participants gain from the event. The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation also has the right to replace the proposed experts by other persons qualified to act as supervisors for the topic announced (e.g. if a supervisor should become ill).

7. Licenses

The participant grants the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation the right to use all findings of any kind produced during the Bauhauscamp 2016 with no re-strictions in terms of contents.
This particularly applies to use through duplication, dissemination, including hiring out, broadcasting, giving talks on, performing and demon-strating the material, the transmission of the material, for instance by satellite and by cable retransmission, and the reproduction of the material through image, sound and multi-media carriers, radio programmes and databases.
This license applies to all types of use both known and unknown.
The rights granted may be transferred to t hird parties. The aforesaid rights that have been granted are not restricted to a certain territory and shall apply for the duration of the legal copyright.
If the participant becomes aware of further holders of rights in respect of the works in question they will notify the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation undertakes to draw attention to the participant's copyright and authorship. The participant undertakes to draw atten-tion to the fact that the material was first published during the Bauhaus
International Bauhaus Camp 2016.

8. Information concerning data protection

It is pointed out that data are stored and processed in strict compliance
with the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz).
Participants' data are only saved for organizational and billing purposes.
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation will not disclose any of this data to third

9. Information concerning the use of the Internet

In connection with the use of the Internet the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation will keep a protocol of the user identification, the websites visited, the date and the time of the visit and the extent of the use or the quantity of data. If the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation should have a justified interest in doing so, the data may be checked for compliance with the following code of conduct:

  • The Internet is to be used to perform the tasks in connection with Bauhaus Camp 2016.
  • It is not allowed to install software downloaded from the Internet on a workstation computer belonging to the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.
  • Any use of the Internet and emails that could be detrimental to the in-terests of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the authorities or harm their public image or that is in breach of applicable laws or regulations is not allowed, e.g. offering and knowingly accessing contents that violate the laws relating to data protection, the rights of the individual, copyright and the criminal code or accessing or offering insulting, defamatory, an-ti-constitutional, racist, sexist or pornographic utterances or images.

10. Please take note

During the Bauhaus Camp it is not permitted to carry out any collections or sales of any kind in the seminar room and in its immediate vicinity without the written permission of the Director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation or his deputy. This also includes handing out promotional gifts or collecting signatures.

11. Validity of these rules

On sending the application form the participant explicitly acknowledges the validity of these rules, takes note of them and agrees to be bound by them. The same applies to the house rules of the Bauhaus Dessau Founda-tion.

12. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction

Dessau-Roßlau is place of performance and place of jurisdiction.
Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Gropiusallee 38, 06846 Dessau-Roßlau, Germany
telephone: 0049-340-6508-250
Fax: 0049-340-6508-226

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is a non-profit foundation under public law,
represented by its Board and its Director.

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