Fieger Construction Kit
Interactive Architectures

22 March – 31 October 2018
10 am – 5 pm
Visitors of all ages
Bauhaus Building

Visitors to an interactive section of the exhibition Carl Fieger. From Bauhaus to Bauakademie will be able to assemble or reconfigure a range of the architect’s housing typologies, based on the construction kit principle. New, fantastic buildings will be created from modular building components and transferred into a large, digital urban landscape. The use of sensor and camera will enable visitors to immerse themselves in this landscape and change it.

This playful approach makes Carl Fieger’s method of working, which moved between individuality and standardisation, accessible to everyone. Behind this is a question that shaped Carl Fieger’s work as an architect: How can standardised components yield something unique? With the interactive Fieger Construction Kit, everyone can be the architect of their own city.

Fieger Construction Kit is part of the supporting programme of the exhibition Carl Fieger. From Bauhaus to Bauakademie. In cooperation with BadaboomBerlin.