IKEA Bauhaus Summer
Designer-in-Residence 2016

Michael Mieskes und Christin Deringer sind Designer in Residence des IKEA Bauhaus Sommers 2016 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Foto: David Hampel

Young designers live and work in the Masters’ Houses for three months in order to explore the theme of ‘Movement’ through design. In this time, recreation, play and free space provide an orientation framework for the young designers as they develop specific ideas that also bring to life the history of the Bauhaus.

Michael Mieskes from Munich won over the jury with his concepts Bank, Kiosk and Haltestelle. With Bank, the form of a twenty-five-metre-long bench provides an ‘infinite’ number of seats and at the same time also caters for the movement of people. This is facilitated by the length of the bench, the repetitive rhythm of the individual modules and the secession of accessible spaces. The essentially static object generates as it were an image of the interplay of movement and stasis. Kiosk is also a static object. The doorway uses Le Corbusier’s Modulor scale, with the proportions subdivided according to the golden ratio. The accretion depicted in this way likewise generates an image of movement through the concentration of lines rising upwards. Mieskes’ project ideas present proposals that, in discourse, should lead to new forms. The sculptural/artistic approach at the interface of art and design provides a specific point of interest.

Christin Deringer from Halle/Saale delivered a convincing bid with her project idea for play equipment for pre-school and primary school children. With the project micro urban play she opens up a topical debate about micro playgrounds as the smallest possible play area designed for children. The value of play and the aesthetics tie in with facets of design at the Bauhaus. Aspects of Bauhaus theory are taken up and further developed in new play equipment. The aim is to design a piece of play equipment for children up to six years of age which reproduces the essence of a playground, defines free space and acts as a meeting place.

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