„Business as usual has nothing to offer anymore.“ (APT, 2021)

The End Expo is the first trade fair dedicated to the palliative turn, a phenomenon that the artist group APT describes as a cultural shift from European ideals of progress, growth and technological mastery.

Thus, it replaces bold projections into our future with a focus on presence and attention to what is now. The End Expo brings together Palliative Turn art, performances, food, humor, sound, and information concerning palliative care under the roof of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau.


The two-day event will take place as an opening event as part of the Intermezzi 2024 on the Bauhaus Museum’s spatial stage. The second day is also International Museum Day. Admission to the Bauhaus Museum Dessau is free on both days.


Day 1 : : Sat, 18.5.2024


12 am – 8 pm

End Expo. A Consumer Fair for Mortals

Bauhaus Museum Dessau and outside (green area)

6 – 8 pm

Opening of the Intermezzi 2024 “The Art of the Palliative Turn (APT) / Art for the End of Our Way of Living”

Bauhaus Museum Dessau and permanent exhibition


Day 2 : : Sun, 19.5.2024


10 am – 5 pm

End Expo. A Consumer Fair for Mortals

Bauhaus Museum Dessau and outside (green area)

11 am – 2 pm

Palliative Assessment. Event with APT in the framework of the International Museum Day

Bauhaus Museum Dessau


“Does it provide relief and mitigation?”

from: Assessment Form, Kasia Fudakowski, 2021/2022


On International Museum Day, we present the Bauhaus, its exhibitions and its themes to you in a playful and experimental way. Together with the international collective APT (Association for the Palliative Turn), this year we are taking you on a special exploration tour through the Bauhaus Museum. With humor and depth, we will examine places and objects in the museum for their palliative character. In palliative medicine, the dying person is seen in the context of her or his surroundings. Through this particular perspective, we want to experience and understand the Bauhaus and its history, which is characterized by both optimism and loss, in a new way.


Further information on the programme will follow shortly.