Get together
at the Bauhaus Dessau

Sa, 9 March 2018
3 – 8.30 pm
Bauhausplatz, Bauhaus Building 

Admission free

Concert for 7 car horns, music, readings, button machine, "Joint poetry of responsible citizens for a Bauhaus building as text work" following an exercise by László Moholy-Nagy to participate, a search for traces through the Dessau of the 1920s, and many opportunities to be creative: The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation invites to a get together. 

The Get together is part of the action day "Dessau-Roßlau für Demokratie und Weltoffenheit" on 9 March. For years right-wing extremists have used the anniversary of the bombing of Dessau on 7 March 1945 for their marches. As a sign against intolerance and exclusion, we are setting a programme for everybody. The Bauhaus in Dessau was and is an international and open place. It is this diversity that made the Bauhaus remarkable. In 1932 the Nationalsocialists closed the Bauhaus in Dessau and forced it to dissolve itself in Berlin.

Thanks for supporting the event to: Apotheke am Bauhaus; Bäckerei Schieke Dessau, heima menü GmbH, Technisches Hilfswerk Dessau, Anhalt-Hospiz Dessau-Roßlau

Drinks and snacks for donation. 

P r o g r a m m e

3.15 pm, 4.30 pm & 5.45 pm
Concert for 7 more car horns

3.30 & 4.45 pm
Tracing the Bauhaus Building with Wolfgang Thöner
Guided tour (in german)

3.45 pm
"Der neue Mensch"
Reading (in german)

4.45 pm
"Die Rote Köchin. Geschichte und Kochrezepte einer spartakistischen Zelle am Bauhaus Weimar"
Reading (in german)

6.30 – 8.30 pm
Open Dialogue 3 | "Der Absprung"
Radio play installation by Paul Plamper followed by a discussion (in german)

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N o t i c e

The organisers reserve the right to deny access to the event to persons belonging to right-wing extremist parties or organisations, belonging to the right-wing extremist scene or who have already appeared in the past through racist, nationalist, antisemitic or other inhuman statements, or to exclude them from the event.