Open dialogue at the Bauhaus

Discussion format

With the series of Open Talks, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation wants to contribute more than before to the public political and social debate.

At the kick-off event, a number of questions were asked that will be discussed in the Open Talks with actors, experts and guests in the coming months: How can cultural institutions, initiatives and individuals support democracy? What does the Bauhaus mean for Dessau-Roßlau? Which structures already exist and how do we network more strongly against right-wing extremism in Dessau-Roßlau? What can be the role of cultural institutions in this? How do we protect artistic freedom? How does the Bauhaus Dessau position itself in political debates?

The aim of this series of talks is not only to set current topics, but also to initiate a process for more networking and exchange. In this way, a space is to be created in which discussions and topics converge – debates that are conducted in the public and/or at the Bauhaus Dessau, and topics that are relevant for the city of Dessau.

Staying in dialogue with one another – this is particularly important in the preparation and accompaniment of the Bauhaus anniversary year 2019.

Everyone is welcome to join in the debate on the Bauhaus stage!

The events will be documented on Twitter and / or with audio recordings and are freely available.

Next date: 
Bauhaus Building

(more information will follow)