Bauhaus Dessau

The Curtain Wall at the Bauhaus:
1926, 1976, 2026 Icon,
Monument and Climate Change

Sun, 6 June 2021
Bauhaus Building

The curtain wall of the Bauhaus Building represents the development of a new architecture with the then modern materials steel, glass and concrete. Today, a facade reconstructed in 1976 – itself an important document for the rediscovery of the Bauhaus in the GDR and the preservation of monuments in modernism – replaces the original from 1926. The current structural problems of the facade have complex causes. It is already becoming apparent that climate change, with extreme heat in summer and exceptionally heavy rain and storms in winter, poses a long-term threat to the Bauhaus Building. During the symposium, architectural historians, monument conservators, architects and experts in building technology and climate change will discuss questions of architectural-historical evaluation, the challenges posed by climate change in terms of building technology and other aspects.