Gropius House || Contemporary

until 2 Feb 2020
Gropius House, Ensemble of Masters’ Houses
Ebertallee 59, 06846 Dessau-Roßlau

Since 2016 the Bauhaus Residency Programme has invited international artists to conduct research in the Masters’ Houses while living and working for some months in the Schlemmer House or the Muche House. During this period they find their own ways to access and address the Bauhaus.

The exhibition Haus Gropius || Zeitgenössisch (Gropius House || Contemporary) in the Gropius House shows works made during the Bauhaus Residencies. These are added to the exhibition successively, engaging with the space and the other works already on show. These include works by Anael Berkovitz (ISR/USA),  Andrea Canepa (PER/GER), Rudy Decelière (FRA/CHE), Jakob Gautel (FRA/GER), Andrea Grützner (GER/USA), Markus Hoffmann (GER), Minha Lee (KOR), Amor Muñoz (MEX), Wagehe Raufi (GER), Gabi Schillig (GER), Sebastian Stumpf (GER), Martyna Marciniak (POL), Tasha & Monica López De Victoria / TM Sisters (USA) and Marit Wolters (GER/AUT).

The New Masters’ Houses – the Gropius House and the Moholy-Nagy House – are contemporary buildings and therefore occupy a special place in the ensemble of Masters’ Houses. For the two buildings, which were reduced to rubble during the war, architects Bruno Fioretti Marquez designed an “architecture of imprecision” that enables an awareness that shifts between history and new interpretation. Designed as a residence by Walter Gropius in 1926, the Gropius House has now been transformed into an open spatial structure, in which the contemporary positions will be shown until the end of 2019. For the opening of the New Masters’ Houses in 2014, artist Olaf Nicolai created an artefact as a permanent part of the interior. Inspired by Moholy-Nagy’s theories, Le pigment de la lumière (The colour of light) connects the texture of the render on the walls with the incidence of light.



Markus Hoffmann, "Future Fossiles / Time Containments", in der Ausstellung "Zeitgenössische Positionen Haus Gropius", Haus Gropius, Ensemble der Meisterhäuser, 2017 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau / Hoffmann, Markus / Foto: Meyer, Thomas, 2017 / OSTKREUZ
Wagehe Raufi, "Feeling of Presence / Bunch of Flowers", in der Ausstellung "Zeitgenössische Positionen Haus Gropius", Haus Gropius, Ensemble der Meisterhäuser, 2017 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau / Raufi, Wagehe / Bruno Fioretti Marquez Architekten / Foto: Meyer, Thomas, 2017 / OSTKREUZ
Rudy Decelière, "Silent Waters" (Ausschnitt), 2016 / Foto: Rudy Decelière
Gabi Schillig, "imaginäre räume " (Ausschnitt), 2016 / Foto: Gabi Schillig
Marit Wolters, "Home Grounds" (Ausschnitt / detail), 2017 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Foto: Thomas Meyer/OSTKREUZ
Sebastian Stumpf, o.T., Video-Projektion im Haus Gropius, 2017 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Foto: Yvonne Tenschert

Head of Project
Dr. Alexia Pooth
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