“How can functional and safety-related aspects be negotiated without conceptual and aesthetic aspects falling by the wayside?” (Simon Ertl, ErtlundZull, o. J.)

In 2022, Berlin-based architects Meyer-Grohbruegge won the competition to design the ground floor of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau. Their design thematises the stage character of the large semi-public interior space. Two large-format walls that rotate very slowly on their own axis and a circular, stage-like disc that also moves are planned. The aim is to enable different, simultaneous uses and changing exhibition situations in future and to create a link to the spatial concepts of the historic Bauhaus. The experimental project combines engineering-technical and architectural-aesthetic requirements and thus lies between architecture, mechanical engineering and art.


In a preliminary project entitled “Raumbühne (Stellvertreter)”, the Bauhaus Dessau 2024 Foundation is looking at the conditions for realising Meyer-Grohbruegge’s unusual competition concept and is exploring the possibilities and restrictions of implementation under the given guidelines and regulations for publicly accessible spaces. In addition, tests and various artistic, creative and material installations will test the potential of the future “spatial stage”.

“In an experiment, the process is part of the project” (Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge, 2023)