Edition Bauhaus 47
Expanded Architecture

Expanded Architecture comprises more than 20 international architects and artists who explore diverse notions of an expanded architecture through spatio-temporal installations, performances, and sound projects. The projects are contextualised in three buildings in Sydney designed by Harry Seidler, who studied under Walter Gropius at Harvard University. 

Following the Bauhaus tradition, Seidler is also well known for his extensive collaborations with artists such as Josef Albers, Alexander Calder, Frank Stella, Lin Utzon, and Sol LeWitt. Expanded Architecture presents an account of how Seidler’s buildings have been used as a charged setting for a series of experimental encounters, here combined with a collection of essays by contemporary thinkers and critics with the aim of reflecting on new approaches in the relation between art and architecture.

This book is published in conjunction with the event and resaerch symposium "Expanded Architecture: Temporal Formal at Seidler City" held November 2014.

Edited for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation by Claudia Perren und Sarah Breen Lovett

Texts by: Vladimir Belogolovsky, Thea Brejzek, Paola Favaro, Billy Grunder, Lawrence Wallen et al.

Graphic design: Johannes Bissinger

Layout: 160 pages, numerous b&w and colour illustrations, softcover

Language: Englisch

AADR Publisher, Baunach

ISBN 978-3-88778-434-8

19,80 € book trade and Designshop Bauhaus Dessau

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