Edition Bauhaus 52
Carl Fieger: From Bauhaus to Bauakademie

The architect Carl Fieger was significantly involved in many iconic modern buildings. He worked for Peter Behrens’s office and later for the office partnership of Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer, and left his own mark on modern architecture. His 40 years of work, he designed experimental as well as prefabricated buildings. In Carl Fieger: From Bauhaus to Bauakademie, the author Dr. Uta Karin Schmitt follows Carl Fieger's innovative projects through the architectural history of the 20th century – from Bauhaus to the Deutsche Bauakademie (German academy of architecture) in East Berlin. With numerous illustrations, drafts, drawings and photographs.

The exhibition Carl Fieger. From Bauhaus to Bauakademie is accompanied by a publication by Kerber Verlag, edited by Wolfgang Thöner and Dr. Claudia Perren for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Edited for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation by Claudia Perren and Wolfgang Thöner

Text by: Uta Karin Schmitt

Graphic design: Tobias Aigner (Herburg Weiland)

Exhibition: Carl Fieger. From Bauhaus to Bauakademie

Layout: 184 pages, numerous b&w and colour illustrations, hardcover

Languages: English and German

Kerber Verlag, Berlin/ Bielefeld

ISBN 978-3-7356-0440-8 (en)
ISBN 978-3-7356-0439-2 (de)

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€ 35 Designshop Bauhaus Dessau

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