Can cities become self-sufficient?

// Film + Discussion + Sauerkraut-Speed Dating + Food and Drink
Friday, 14 April 2023, 6 pm
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Foyer

In April 2023 the Bauhaus Dessau is starting a new event series in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau entitled the Fridays Group. It focuses on the issues arising from climate change. By looking at concrete examples in the region it takes up today’s challenges arising from the social and ecological transformation and embeds them in a greater, global context.

The first edition is called: Can Cities become Self-sufficient? Starting point is the Urban Farm Dessau. It was initiated in 2014 and pursues the idea of a productive urban landscape.

Today’s version has the aim of using free spaces in the city for strategies of local supply and self-sufficiency. At its heart is a collective garden in the middle of the city. Forms of a communally supported economy are practised alongside a group for supportive agriculture (Solidarische Landwirtschaft – SoLawi) and share the knowledge that is collectively gained from options of self-harvesting and communal gardening.

Including discussions, a film, sauerkraut-speed dating, also food and drink, the event will pan the focus over the self-supporting gardens of Leberecht Migge, the subsistence economy of the GDR, approaches to critical views of globalisation based on utopian agriculture, supportive agriculture, and all the way to digital market places, which empower new relationships between producers and consumers.