The brownfield as an opportunity?

// Lecture + Film + Discussion + Food and Drink
Fri, 9 June 2023, 6 pm
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Foyer

The third edition of the Friday Group explores the potentials of (urban) brownfields for future urban space planning as well as uses. For many years, vacancy and the retreat of the built environment were viewed negatively. The event asks about the qualities, potentials and opportunities of so-called residual spaces, of buildings and land that once had a function, were used and are now in a waiting state.

The starting point for the third edition are the considerations for the BUGA 2035 IN DESSAU-ROSSLAU by SWUP GmbH Landschaft Stadt Kommunikation Berlin. Their BUGA concept focuses on Dessau with a spur to Roßlau. Based on mosaics and joints, the programme interweaves with the city, works into the city and takes up developments from the city. In addition, the joints serve as important elements of sustainable urban development: transit space becomes urban space.

The event pans the focus across ecological urban concepts of the Bauhäusler Ludwig Hilberseimer and Hubert Hoffmann to urban concepts that seek to qualify unused and surplus spaces, for example, towards ecological flood protection, species-rich retreat spaces, urban agriculture, social meeting zones, in short: towards a robust, adaptive and sustainable city.