Heritage Day 2023

// Architectural tours
Sun, 10 Sep 2023, 12 am + 1 pm + 2 pm
Bauhaus Building

Free admission to the historic Bauhaus buildings on Heritage Day

In keeping with the theme of Heritage Day in Germany this year, Talent Monument, staff members of the construction and building department are conducting guided tours of the Bauhaus Building. These architectural tours place a focus on the building’s unique qualities, those which embody its architectural design and make it an unequalled Gesamtkunstwerk: the configuration of the buildings with multiple spatial interpenetrations and overlaps, the surfaces and volumes, the proportions, the layering, transparency, and reflections of the glass facades, the compositions of light and dark, the light and shadow plays, colour and space, artistic furnishings, and aspects of acoustics and comfort.

The architectural tours of the Bauhaus building start at 11 am + 12 pm + 1 pm. Free tickets are available in the Online Ticket Shop.