On Collecting:
Architecture as Mental Healing.
Franz Ehrlich

20 Oct 2022 – 26 Feb 2023

Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Black Box

In 1956–57, the former Bauhaus member Franz Ehrlich planned and designed the Institute for Cortico-Visceral Pathology and Therapy in Berlin-Buch in close cooperation with the physician and sleep scientist Rudolf Baumann. Their aim was for the research hospital architecture to promote the healing process of patients. The hospital has some of the characteristics of a monastery. Two inner courtyards are framed by a trapeziumshaped, single-storey complex that contains no right angles. The design of the corridors varies, and the spatial impact of conventional hospitals is thus avoided. With walls of glass and a clear orientation towards the inner courtyards, the building is reminiscent of Chinese models.

The Intermezzo presents the building using plans, drawings, photographs, and other materials from the collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.