Nomadic Mosque
Azra Akšamija

// Intermezzo
30 Mar 2023 – 7 Jan 2024
Bauhaus Museum Dessau
Black Box

With clothes that can be transformed into prayer rugs, the project examines the idea of the mosque space, its formal boundaries and its relationship to the human body. While respecting religious rules, the Nomadic Mosque aims to redefine the traditional forms and functions of mosques in a contemporary context. The project interprets the idea of the world as a mosque, as it was created by the prophet Mohammed, as portable architecture. The Nomadic Mosque can thus be regarded as a minimal volume mosque, its design based on the individual needs and experiences of the worshipper. But it is also a device that can transform any secular space into a room for prayer. It not only accommodates the liturgical necessities, but also serves as a prosthetic device for the devotee.