Rita McBride's Arena as Open Stage
in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau

The Open Stage on the ground floor of the museum in the centre of Dessau enables the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation to engage culturally and artistically in and with the city of Dessau-Roßlau with a fresh approach to a range of event formats, and to communicate the legacy of the Bauhaus to a diverse audience. The museum’s central location, for instance, is enabling new provisions to be designed not only for a wide cultural audience who are interested in the Bauhaus, but also for the people of Dessau, who may be less aware of what the Bauhaus has to offer culturally in their city.

Programmatically speaking, the Open Stage corresponds with the exhibition of Dessau’s Bauhaus Collection on the upper floor, which showcases the Bauhaus as an experimental, pioneering school, workshop and locus of experimentation. The objective is to bring to life as aim and inspiration the underlying tension between the utopian idea and day-to-day life which the historic Bauhaus addressed through art and design. It did so in the context of international avant-garde networks striving for a socially just industrialised society.

The Open Stage will therefore provide spaces for the development of interactive installations, talks, film presentations, discussions, dance, theatre and performance projects. These will endeavour to convey to the museum’s visitors and the people of Dessau how the Bauhaus – perceived as a position of questioning, open-minded learning and experimentation – remains a source of diverse artistic stimuli and design inspirations, not only for professionals. Ultimately, all visitors to the Bauhaus Museum Dessau should find diverse gateways to the Bauhaus Dessau through the programme of the Open Stage, which encourages and invites people to actively engage with the history, ideas, designs and, last but not least, the creative methods of investigative learning of this avant-garde workshop-school.