A Metabolic Laboratory
Inspired by Solomon Nikritin

Performative installation with lectures, workshops and performances
10 – 14 Nov 2021
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Open Stage

Visual artists and performers Ilya Dolgov, Evgenia Suslova, Anastasya Kizilova and Mikhail Lylov transform the Appia Stage at the Bauhaus Museum Dessau into an installation that changes daily. They seek to rediscover and adapt the ideas of Russian avant-gardist Solomon Nikritin, who developed his conceptual “projection theatre” at WChUTEMAS in Moscow in 1921/22. Instead of stories, Nikritin staged the theatrical exercises of conceptual characters, thus figuring the attempt to situate humans by embodying ideas in organic, technical and social metabolic processes. Taking inspiration from Nikritin, this artist collaboration proposes a set of new conceptual characters: the “Xists” explore the relationships and interactions between humans and other organisms in a planetary metabolism.

A cooperation with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and Tretjakov Gallery Moscow.