in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau

The Spielomat is located in the foyer of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau and produces play ideas for children and families for a wide variety of play activities.

What kind of game would you like to play – a puzzle, a sports game or a creative game? Then set the age and number of players, crank hard – and the charming automat spits out a game manual with the perfect game that also conveys exciting Bauhaus ideas.

With the support of and in cooperation with the New Municipal Grammar School in Halle and the Special School on the Muldaue in Dessau-Roßlau, game ideas on Bauhaus-specific themes were developed in the Bauhaus Agents programme together with the pupils.

The prototype of the Spielomat for the Bauhaus Museum Dessau was completed by the Büro für Sinn und Unsinn.

Spielomat im Bauhaus Museum Dessau