Dessau < – > Barcelona. Habla De M En Presente

Interactive video concert
Sat, 3 Oct 2020, 7 pm (admission from 6:30 pm)
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Open Stage + livestream
>> registration required for admission to the Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Bauhaus meets beats, analog meets digital, Dessau meets Barcelona: From their studio in Spain, the musicians of Habla De Mí En Presente are coming via livestream to the Bauhaus Museum Dessau and all over the world. In addition to their established Technorumba sound, a mixture of Southern European instruments and the beats of the North, they also have some brand-new songs in their luggage: musical settings of Bauhaus poems that the band developed together with students from the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. For example, the little-known poem Das Quadracht by Oskar Schlemmer, in which the Bauhaus master refers ironically to the formalism of the Bauhaus, was set to music for the first time.
During the live performance, the audience has the opportunity to get in touch with the musicians: On site at the Bauhaus Museum Dessau via video conference, on the social media channels via chat. In this way, a video stream becomes a real live experience that goes around the world.