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1930s street polka meets punk: HANBA!
// Live music

What if punk rock hadn't come into the world in the 1970s, but in the late 20s – and in Poland? Four musicians who had previously played metal, folk and many other things came together around this idea in Krakow in 2013. Besides music, they were united by their fascination for the early years of the Second Polish Republic. Like the Weimar Republic, it was characterised by a glamorous, avant-garde cultural scene, but politically dark times were already dawning. Hańba! have absorbed the artistic inspiration of this era and the spirit of the working class at that time as well as the revolt of the Sex Pistols.

Electroswing band meets DJ: Masha Ray & DJ Justin Fidèle

// Live music

The Berlin duo Masha Ray is characterised by the mixture of Masha's voice, the bitingly ironic lyrics and the retro production. Musically, they move between electro swing, pop, Balkan beats, dancehall and klezmer – a small ode to Masha's Jewish roots. 
The Berlin DJ and producer Justin Fidèle has long been at home in the international DJ circuit, e.g. at Burning Man (USA), Glastonbury Festival (UK) and in countless clubs throughout Europe. He has also been running "Electro Swing Radio" since 2012, making thousands of listeners around the world swing every day.