Space Games

between Stage and Refectory

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Stage: Triadic Etudes

The "Triadic Etudes" are dedicated to the connections between man, puppet and machine in an experimental way. Kleist already imagined a puppeteer free of consciousness in his essay "On the Marionette Theatre". With a research robot, we reenact Kleist's thoughts and let Oskar Schlemmer's figures enter the discussion about the "Über-Marionette" as thread puppets. The play forms of the digital future become visible.
Play: Silke Wallstein, Christian Fuchs 
Director, project management: Christian Fuchs
Project coordination: Silke Wallstein

Refectory: Space Music
The duo Jörg Nauman & Falk Röske transform the heating elements of the assembly hall, the tables of the refectory and the kitchen as well as other "infrastructures" on the festival floor into a sound space with all the curiosity and joy of discovery they can muster. In keeping with this, there will be one or two experimental snacks.