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between Stairs and Workshop

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Musical furnishing

// Sound installation

The Anhalt Theatre will furnish five rooms in the Bauhaus with the music of Erik Satie. Between 1917 and 1923, the composer wrote his Musique d'ameublement: five short pieces for different instrumentations, which – repeated quasi endlessly – were intended to be part of the furnishing of the room and by no means works of art to be listened to. With this then provocative concept, Satie became an early pioneer of the Muzak (utility and sprinkling music) 'invented' in the 1930s, as well as an important source of ideas for experiments by, for example, John Cage and minimal music in the 1960s. Pre-produced by musicians of the Anhaltische Philharmonie: industrial music to listen to. And yet the composer said: "He who has never heard musique d'ameublement does not know happiness.

Embedded Movement – the nature of movement

// Exhibition

Through embedded shape-changing materials, the surface structures of Embedded Movement become capable of responding to changes in their environment with movement.
The research work investigates how the action potential of surfaces can be increased and what potentials result from this with regard to living together and communicating with materials.

PhD project, Paula van Brummelen
Programme Design-based doctorate
TU Berlin in cooperation with the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin
Supervision: Ignacio Borrego (TU), Jörg Petruschat (KHB) , Christiane Sauer (KHB)

at the table

// Exhibition

Exhibition by students of the kunsthochschule Berlin-weißensee.
Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic at the latest, we have realised that the question of how and what we eat is closely linked to some of the major challenges we face worldwide – from biodiversity loss, climate change and ecological problems to personal and public health and the unjust global distribution of resources. At the weißensee kunsthochschule Berlin, students from the textile and surface design and product design departments have spent the past year examining our relationship with food and the current situation surrounding our diet. The exhibition at the table shows concepts and future scenarios developed from the semester projects Food in the Time of Corona, Radical Futures and Acker Löffel Campus.

Supervision: Zane Berzina, Susanne Schwarz-Raacke, Barbara Schmidt, Julia Wolf, Christian Frank Müller, Steffen Schuhmann, Lucy Norris, Essi Johanna Glomb, Sara Diaz Rodriguez, Paula van Brummelen.