Bauhaus Open Studios

Teaching Models Platform.
International universities visit the Bauhaus Dessau.

The Bauhaus is still regarded as one of the most renowned experimental sites of education in the arts and in design. With the teaching models platform, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation builds on this pedagogical legacy. At regular intervals it invites international universities, art academies and education initiatives to the historic workshops of the Bauhaus in order to develop and apply contemporary models for education in design.

In doing so, the focus is on new models of experimental aesthetic education for personal development in democratic immigration societies and on innovative educational approaches designed to address the new challenges of the material culture through design. In keeping with the interdisciplinary approach of the historic Bauhaus, preference is given to teaching and learning projects that help overcome the divisions not only between theory and praxis, but also between applied and fine art, dance and architecture, sculpture and film and painting and textile design.

Bauhaus Studios 2019

The program of the Open Studios will take a break in 2019. As part of the Bauhaus 100th anniversary program, Open Studios participated in the Festival Schule Fundamental.

Bauhaus Studios 2020

From the year 2020, the Open Studios will be held regularly again. International universities are welcome to apply for a current annual theme 2020 Habitat.

Habitat (lat. habitare = to inhabit) approaches dwelling as a cultural practice and thus distances itself from the concept of the modern housing as a universally applicable ‘living machine’.

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Bauhaus Open Studios 2018
Experimental Lessons

Every year, the Open Studios invite universities worldwide to the Bauhaus Dessau to pursue new pedagogical experiments with their classes. In 2018 the Open Studios will address current standards and standardisations in the education sector, in keeping with the annual theme Standards.

The programme of the Bauhaus Open Studios aims to meet the wishes of educators and students for more freedom and time to experiment in education and training. The themes of the Open Studios alternate between past to present, refer to the educators of the historic Bauhaus and at the same time address current debates in design education. How did the Bauhauslers experiment with standards? Which educational standards apply in architecture and design? Which tools and production methods set standards for the designers of today and tomorrow?

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Dr. Regina Bittner

Research Associate
Katja Klaus
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