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Teaching Models Platform.
International universities visit the Bauhaus Dessau.

The Bauhaus is still regarded as one of the most renowned experimental sites of education in the arts and in design. With the teaching models platform, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation builds on this pedagogical legacy. At regular intervals it invites international universities, art academies and education initiatives to the historic workshops of the Bauhaus in order to develop and apply contemporary models for education in design.

In the Open Studios, new pedagogical experiments in architecture and design education are ventured every year. Here breakouts and failures are permitted. This is where the future is thought of and shaped.

The Bauhaus Open Studios programme is designed to meet the wishes of educators and students for more freedom and time for experiments in education and teaching. The themes of the Open Studios oscillate between the past and the present, refer to the pedagogues*women of the historic Bauhaus and take up current debates on the training of designers.

International universities are welcome to apply for a Open Studio.
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Bauhaus Open Studios 2022: Hygiene

The Bauhaus Open Studios 2022 will deal with the annual theme Hygiene, an omnipresent topic in pandemic times, which will be approached from a creative, historical or philosophical perspective. Students and teachers are provided with Vorkurs – A Teaching Module, an online tool with which they can understand the Bauhaus teachings in a sensual way and relate them historically to current approaches in design education.

Bauhaus Open Studios 2021: Infrastructure

In the Open Studios, various thematic clusters are fanned out. Infrastructures are diffuse material prerequisites for the circulation of living beings, things, information. Knowledge about infrastructures is mostly bureaucratically composed and administered, and thus almost impossible to experience sensually. What forms of representation would be suitable for the visualisation of infrastructures? What strategies have been used historically for this purpose? 

Bauhaus Studios 2020: Habitat – Open Spaces for different knowledge

In 2020, the Open Studios will deal with the annual theme Habitat. How was living as one of the basic needs of people learned, taught and researched at the Bauhaus? What were the distinguishing features of living spaces at that time? What was considered modern and desirable? What demands are made on contemporary spaces for people and nature today in architecture and design in view of resource scarcity, climate change and mass migration? What does the habitat, the hut, the refuge of the future look like?

Bauhaus Open Studios 2018: Experimental Lessons

In 2018 the Open Studios will address current standards and standardisations in the education sector, in keeping with the annual theme Standards.

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