Open Studio Berkeley

The Dessau Effect
Urban renewal, pavilion interventions and the Bauhaus legacy
19–27 March 2016

The goal of this Open Studio was to explore the architectural form of the pavilion as a tool for Dessau’s urban regeneration. The city, which once took on the homeless Bauhaus and brought it to full fruition, now plans to become the home for a new Bauhaus Museum.

The “Bilbao effect” that this seeks to replicate – the further improvement of Dessau as a destination for tourists from all over the world – should also trickle down to the local community with the aid of architectonic interventions in the urban environment. The pavilion buildings to be built to this end may be regarded as exemplary for an urban development that avoids the one-sidedness of an architecture geared exclusively to tourism and also bring lasting improvement to life in the local community.

Guest institution:
University of California Berkeley, USA
Department of Architecture, College of Environmental Design

Prof. Greg Castillo
Prof. René Davids

Guest lecturer:
Dr. Regina Bittner (Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)


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Head of Project
Prof Dr Regina Bittner

Research Associate
Katja Klaus
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