Open Studio Tallinn

Spatial Strategies
Interdisciplinary, mobile interventions in neglected areas in the city
18 . – 29 . 4 . 2016

The goal of this Open Studio was to develop a concept for an “urban and spatial intervention network for knowledge transfer”. In doing so, there were three main objectives: to reconstruct historic biographies and the associated sites of the Bauhaus era up to 1933 in the contextual biographic “exhibition in the public realm”; to connect the historic building network with the new buildings for the Bauhaus centenary by 2019; to implement an architecture and workshop experiment, which connects the pioneering historic buildings with the international influence of the modern movement and its reform concepts.

The study of six selected locations in the spatial network yielded heterogeneous and transmedia proposals for knowledge transfer in the public realm – an exhibition route as public spatial choreography, with several mobile interventions. The outcomes were then discussed with local contributors in the city and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Guest institutions:
Tallinn University of Technology (TTU), Estonia
Department of Architecture and Urban Design
Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), HZT, Germany
International Joint Master`s Programme of European Architecture   

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Jäger (TTU)
Prof. Rhys Martin (UdK)
Dr. Claudia Perren (Director Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)

Guests/Guest critics:
Dr. Marvin Altner (Art Historian, Universität Kassel)
Torsten Blume (Research Associate, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)
Prof. em. Rainer W. Ernst (Architect, Reiseuni_lab)
Prof. Brigitte Hartwig (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences)
Esa Laaksonen (Alvar Aalto Academy, Director of Foundation, Reiseuni_lab)


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Head of Project
Prof Dr Regina Bittner

Research Associate
Katja Klaus
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