Open Studio Edinburgh

Dis/Ordering Design: Norms, Forms & Storms
19 . – 23 . 2 . 2018

As a cross-disciplinary collective – crossing anthropology, filmmaking, glass making, illustration and graphic, interior, product and textile design – we aim to creatively question and explore how design is ordered and disordered through its norms, forms and storms. We consider these as: norms – the settlement and inheritance of design beliefs and practices; forms – the material reinforcement of these settlements; storms – the agencies of disruption, controversy and possibility which unsettle norms and influence change. Through the Bauhaus Open Studio we will explore the descriptive and creative practices which shape order within each of our respective disciplines and then explore the possibilities of methodological disorder and disciplinary difference for informing new ways of perceiving, knowing, making and projecting. As a group of creatives from Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), University of Edinburgh, we hope the setting and approaching centenary of Bauhaus Dessau will stretch our imaginations in considering the future possibilities of design.

Guest institution:
Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

Guest lecturer:
Mike Anusas (Senior Lecturer)