Amor Mu˝oz

Amor Muños, Bauhaus Residenz at Master House Muche, 14.8. – 31.10.2017

14 Aug – 31 Oct 2017

Amor Muñoz, born in Mexico, lives in Yucatàn. The artist's work is based on different scientific disciplines and DIY culture. In her performances, sound installations and textile works, she explores the relationship between technology and craft. Her great theme: social knowledge and mediation. Amor Muñoz is experimenting with different materials and techniques to develop a new visual language, a kind of binary code that is readable by everyone.

She applied für the Bauhaus Residency in an Open Call.

Amor Muñoz in the interview:
I'm experimenting with new technologies, but I also work a lot with my hands. The connection between both is very important to me. I would like to show that new technologies could revive old traditions, for example in the production of textiles. I believe in the open source principle and use it for my art projects. It is encouraging and great that one can learn something from others without prior knowledge and on this basis a community is formed.