Anael Berkovitz

5 March – 25 May 2018

Anael Berkovitz (*1986, lives in New York / USA) studied photography and combined media in Tel Aviv and New York. Her work draws on photography, film and installation. Conceptually, Anael Berkovitz is interested in memory and remembrance, and in the imprint memory leaves behind in architecture and other forms. Her great-grandparents lived in the “Schminke House” by the modernist architect Hans Scharoun, built according to their specifications in the town of Löbau in Saxony. Immersing herself in this special architecture allowed Berkovitz to get to know her great-grandparents. That is why she considers her stay at the Masters’ Houses in Dessau a “re-migration.”

Anael Berkovitz is the winner of the Open Call 2017.

Anael Berkovitz about her art:

"There’s something magical about video as a medium. My generation has an obsessive relationship to moving images. Ultimately, television works as a kind of collective, cultural memory so that’s why it fascinates me. My own work also deals with memories that I try to stage anew. In this context I am particularly drawn to the charged relationship between personal and collective memories. As an example, I have correlated the history of my own family’s migration to Israel with that of the eucalyptus tree, which came to Israel from Australia and has left certain fundamental traces on the landscape."