Andrea Canepa

Andrea Canepa, Bauhaus Residency in Master House Muche, 14.8. -€“ 31.10.2017

14 August – 31 October 2017

Andrea Canepa, born in Peru, lives in Valencia and Berlin. As a visual artist, she works with various materials and techniques. In her sculptures and performances, she refers to the history of modern architecture and expands its principles to other areas of society. How turned the playground into a public work of art? How is our radius of motion limited by biology and geometry? How do we find a common, visual language?

She applied for the Bauhaus Residency in an Open Call.

Andrea Canepa in the interview:

I am very analytical. That's why I like the idea of returning to the essence of things and building something from there. This is how I work. I have always been interested in the way we organize the world as an attempt to control that which escapes the limits of our understanding. We tend to classify, categorize and manage reality as if it were a set of isolated and independent phenomena. Through my artwork I try to address the fact that the regularity of our world obeys a set of rules that, perfectly so, could have been entirely different.