Andrea Grützner

3 September – 2 November 2018

Andrea Grützner (*1984, lives in Berlin, Germany and New York, USA) studied communication design and photography and works as a freelance photographer, lecturer and artist. She takes photography as the starting point of her work and challenges it as a medium of representation on one hand and then again as one that makes it easy to alienate the sense of space. By using for example alienating shifts in perspective, or coloured shadows to give the impression of a graphic dissolution of a space, she creates photographic collages of materials and spaces that move between reality, illusion and abstraction.

Andrea Grützner was invited to the Bauhaus Residency programme by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Andrea Grützner on her work:

"In dealing with a space, I look for a photographic method that supports images with shifting identities. In doing so, I ask myself: what are the materials, what are the stories, and how can I make them mine? What kind of feelings does the space elicit, and how can I enhance these visually?
For me, what’s special about photography is that it has a direct line to reality. Photographs must do something to us, because we still find them credible. Photographs tell us about the world, but also change our perspective. You can create spaces with them that are illusory, but also show that they are an illusion at the same time.”