Jiyoung Yoon

„I am My Body: #1 I See Detroit In You“
July – September 2016

For the artist from South Korea, whose multimedia works also include videos and performances, Germany was in many ways new and different. In her final presentation I Am My Body: #1 I See Detroit In You she provided great insight into the intellectual and artistic processes of her residency. The focus is on the absence and emptiness that she perceived in Dessau, and which she linked with her experiences in Detroit. Yoon wove her very own network of movement between Dessau and Detroit: “I got strong feelings of 'lack' and 'the voidemptiness' in Detroit because there are many clues to understand the prosperity of the city in the past. The city, which lets me be ableallows me to imagine ‘things that have existed’ made me scared when I faced its 'emptiness'."

Film portrait

„I am My Body: #1 I See Detroit In You“


Jiyoung Yoons Residency was part of a cooperation between the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the National Museum of Modern and Contempory Art (MMCA). In an bi-annual rhythm Korean artists are guest in Dessau and German artists in Korea. This "Shared Residency" programme is running until 2019.