Martyna Marciniak

7 May – 27 July 2018

Martyna Marciniak (*1991, PL/GB) studied architecture in London, where she currently lives. Her artwork focuses on and engages with time and space. She creates spatial narratives that explore the connections between body and space in choreographic works, films and animated sculptures.

Martyna Marciniak is the winner of the Bauhaus Residency Programme’s Open Call 2017.

martyna_marciniak_screenshot 1.jpg
„Cybernetic Baroque“ / Martyna Marciniak, 2018
martyna_marciniak_screenshot 2.jpg
„Cybernetic Baroque“ / Martyna Marciniak, 2018
martyna_marciniak_screenshot 4.jpg
„Cybernetic Baroque“ / Martyna Marciniak, 2018

From an interview with Martyna Marciniak:

"I am interested in how architectural standards have shaped bodies and contributed to body normativity. For instance, I addressed the standards of Ernst Neufert in the 1930s: the ideal body that he created is male. Everything was to be built efficiently around him. I frequently work with details in a space, which causes this normatized body to 'malfunction', because the dimensions or the interior design are simply out of proportion. This 'malfunction' is a repository for stories that can be told – stories of the architecture, of the bodies of the inhabitants, but also of the social and economic context."