Minha Lee

8 June – 31 August 2018

Minha Lee (*1979, KR) lives in Incheon, South Korea. Her art works address the sacred and the profane and humanity as a universal common ground. Lee combines contemporary media (installations, video) with traditional (paper, leather) or archaic materials such as red-hot iron. She is currently working on standards in housing, having researched cramped micro flats in South Korea, and on a comparison of the ideas of Japanese scholar and founder of the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, Okakura Tenshin, and Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus.
Minha Lee studied Korean Painting in South Korea and inter-media art in Japan.

Minha Lee's residency is a Shared Residency with MMCA Residency Goyang, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea.

From an interview with Minha Lee:

“I began with a very traditional approach to art in South Korea and then turned to contemporary art in Japan. Content-wise, I am interested in one question above all others: How do people lose their spirituality in a social system and what consequences does this loss have? Installation is my medium, but I combine 'old' and 'new' media such as video, leather or iron.”