Paul Beckett

2 February–31 March 2017

The British viola player Paul Beckett has dedicated his career to modern music and regularly works with outstanding musicians in this field. A leading violist specialising in contemporary classical music, he performs with the Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble Interface and Garth Knox.

Paul has also worked with Špela Mastnak and together they have explored various buildings in order to create works and performances inspired by the specific acoustic environments.

From an interview with Paul Beckett:
Which aspects of your work are most important to you?

The most important aspect of my work is the constant endeavour to capture the audience’s imagination. My focus is on researching and discovering modern music composed in this day and age and on creating installations inspired by the spaces in which I work.

Paul Beckett's residency was a Shared Residency with the Kurt-Weill-Fest Dessau.

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