Sebastian Stumpf

1 March – 27 April 2018

Sebastian Stumpf (* 1980, lives in Leipzig / Germany) studied visual arts with a concentration in photography in Nuremberg, Lyon and Leipzig. His works grow out of the interplay of performances and their filmic and photographic recordings and replay. They originate in the urban space of major cities or as site-specific installations in a gallery space. Stumpf uses architectural spaces, with their organizing principles and attributions, as connective elements that he explores from a performative, photographic and installative perspective.

Sebastian Stumpf was invited to join the Bauhaus Residency Programme 2018 by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.


Interview with Sebastian Stumpf:

"My work deals with architecture and urban design and how they impact us both mentally and physically. For instance, I notice certain details in urban spaces or in a gallery space that seem to prompt deviations in the way we move. Movements like that are often in tension with the rules and conventions that govern a particular architecture or they refer to absences and transitions. I am interested in precise constellations out of a given spatial situation and an immediate movement – and how these constellations reveal themselves through photography or filmic images. To live inside the Masters’ Houses is important to me because a part of my work comes directly out of bodily experience."