Open Studio Newcastle 2021

Online: The teaching module
18 . 1 . 2021 „Material“
24 . 2 . 2021 „Knowledge“
26 . 3 . 2021 „The Human“

Guest institution:
Northumbria University, School of Design 

Dr Julie Trueman, Senior Lecturer in Interior Design, Northumbria University, Newcastle

In cooperation with Open Studio Newcastle, the module, developed as an introductory brochure for students attending the Open Studio Programme, was further developed in three digital workshops. It was delivered in its entirety online for the first time. During pandemic lockdown conditions, the aims were to examine what is required to ensure ‘anticipation over ambivalence’ in students working with the Bauhaus remotely and to interrogate how online delivery translates the legacy and credibility of an iconic institution. Data collected revealed that collaborative online practical activities were most effective in stimulating knowledge acquisition and retention. Similarly, videos (historic footage, building tours) prompted more interest than static onscreen lectures. 


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