Open Studio Warsaw 2021

Online: Vorkurs – A Teaching Module
11 . 10 . 2021

Guest Institution:
Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Design, Warsaw

Heads of the Studio Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw:
Dr Robert Pludra
Prof. Wojciech Małolepszy
Prof. em. Wojciech Wybieralski, Co-Founder of the Faculty
Dr Józef Mrozek, Design Historian
Dr Agata Szydłowska, Design Historian and Curator

Guest Lecturers Bauhaus Dessau Foundation:
Katja Klaus, Research Associate
Philipp Sack, Research Associate

Referring to the annual theme “Infrastructure” of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the participants tried to answer the following questions:

– How can community values and initiatives of the rural areas be brought into the city?
– How does school building architecture affect learning outcomes?
– How do customers consciously choose products that do not harm the environment?
– How can public spaces be adapted to individual needs?

All projects were inspired by the Bauhaus curriculum and infrastructure of the buildings and the concepts were the local context, the faculty curriculum and history of the Warsaw Academy, local traditions and customs.


Bauhaus Open Studio Warschau 2021
Bauhaus Open Studio Warschau 2021
Bauhaus Open Studio Warschau 2021
Bauhaus Open Studio Warschau 2021