Open Studio Zvečan 2021

Online: Vorkurs – A Teaching Module
24 . 11 . 2021

Guest Institution:
University of Priština, Department of Art, Zvečan

Head of the Studio University of Priština:
Dr. Nevena Popovic, Assistant Professor, Visual Artist, Researcher and Educator

In the second and third year of their studies, students of the Department of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Arts in Zvečane near Mitrovica, Kosovo attend the theoretical and artistic course Elements of Artistic Expression, which’s content relies on the Bauhaus legacy. In 2021, following the official syllabus of the course, students have been tasked with a topic dealing with visual research of local infrastructure. This research has been developed based on the geographical traits of the area. The Bauhaus Open Studio was embedded in the course’s structure. The results of the course work, which will continue in 2022, will include a book and a video animation that reflect the changes in nature and in the city’s infrastructure in drawings, photos and objects made from a wide variety of materials.


Bauhaus Open Studio Zvečan, 2021
Bauhaus Open Studio Zvečan, 2021
Bauhaus Open Studio Zvečan, 2021
Bauhaus Open Studio Zvečan, 2021