catalystas collective

1 May – 1 August 2020
Muche House
// Open Call 2020 in cooperation with GfZK Leipzig //
Presentation: 23 July (presumably)

catalystas collective are three young women who have been working together as a collective since 2019: Carla Kienz, Maroua Krout and Johanna Richter. They work at the interface of architecture, urban research and performative artistic strategies. For their actions they always relate to the respective city and its inhabitants in a very concrete way, approaching places and people in order to enable new forms of encounter and knowledge transfer. catalystas collective is one of two collectives that were selected for a stay in the Masters' House Ensemble as part of the open call of the Bauhaus Residency 2020 "Gropius House || Fictional".

In the run-up to their stay in Dessau-Roßlau, they have developed a concept for getting in touch with the city's residents via postcards. The results of this action serve as a basis for the artistic work on site.

catalystas collective on their artistic approach:

“We always work site-specifically and visited the Masters' Houses before we applied for the Open Call. Living and working there will definitely influence our artistic work – in what way, we cannot say in advance. Just like many approaches of the historical Bauhaus, we are also interested in the social structure of the ‘habitat’ in which we find ourselves and work directly with the residents and their environments.”