Staging the Bauhaus
John Cages Europera 5

Guest appearance by the Anhaltisches Theater

Staging the Bauhaus provides the Anhaltisches Theater with an opportunity to work and perform in an experimental setting every year. The focus of the programme is at times on body and dance and at times on sound and tone. In 2018 the theatre, directed by Johannes Weigand, will address Standard in its material and immaterial forms.

Staging the Bauhaus VIII
John Cages Europera 5

29 November 2018
1 December 2018
8 pm 
Bauhaus Stage

“For 200 years, Europeans have sent us their operas. Now I'll send them all back." This is what John Cage wrote about his Europeras.

In this work, Cage breaks through the norms of the European opera world of the 18th and 19th century. He not only subjected the music to a random generator, but also the stage sets from dozens of operas, props, lights, dance figures and the operatic aria. Cage did not compose any of the Europera's notes in the true sense of the word, but worked with the material of other composers. The random, uncontrollable combination of music creates new, incalculable references. Europeras is regarded as Cage's biggest and most radical music theatre work. Europeras is now rarely performed.

The annual theme 2018 of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Standard, is the occasion to re-stage John Cage’s Europera 5 on the Bauhaus stage.